Collins Writing Program

Simply put, the Collins Writing Program works! Featuring practical, sustainable strategies, high student engagement, and efficient use of teacher time, the program has a truly remarkable record of success. With the new standards, our writing and thinking across the curriculum approach is precisely what K−12 schools need−no matter what the classroom circumstances are.

What Makes the Collins Writing Program Unique?

The Collins Writing Program is designed to improve students’ thinking and writing skills simultaneously. It is based on three essential principles:

  1. Thinking and writing skills develop with frequent, meaningful practice.
  2. Most students develop writing and thinking skills incrementally through a variety of informal and formal writing experiences.
  3. Each of the Five Types of Writing serves a distinct instructional purpose that is easily adapted to student needs and differences between subject areas.

The program provides districts with a unified K−12 program that can be used in all classrooms and in all subject areas. It is not another add-on increasing teachers’ workloads.