Management Tools That Teachers and Students Really Use

Just like other professionals, teachers need management and assessment tools. Collins Writing incorporates formative assessment techniques to guide daily instruction and easy-to-use classroom tools to track student progress.

We’ve built our reputation on helping teachers work smarter, not harder. That means classroom strategies that are practical and sustainable and management tools and resources that are simple, yet powerful. Here’s how we help make a difference in your classroom.

Formative Assessment

Collins Writing strategies significantly increase the amount of writing students do, both informal writing and composition writing. One of the most powerful and frequently used strategies is Type Two writing: quick, informal writing that requires students to use classroom content to show understanding, make connections, compare, contrast, and analyze. Teachers truly value this kind of formative assessment. It’s quick and easy to assess and provides invaluable insights into student understanding. Most importantly, it provides teachers with empirical information that helps them plan effective instruction.

Writing Portfolios

Collins Primary Writing Folder Grades K-3

Collins Writing Portfolio Grades 4-12


Writing skills evolve over time. Our writing folders allow students to gauge the progress they are making and reflect on their growth as writers. We offer portfolios for students in grades K−12. The Collins Primary Writing Folders are used in the lower elementary grades; and the Collins Portfolio is used from upper elementary through high school.

The writing folders are not record-keeping tools for teachers, they are progress assessment tools for students. In their folders, students keep track of their writing, write reflections on each assignment, and use previously written compositions to practice new skills. They are an essential tool for developing writers.


Teacher’s Implementation Portfolio

The Teacher’s Implementation Portfolio is a simple, time-efficient folder that allows teachers in any content area to keep track of the writing tasks assigned to their students and make brief notes on the effectiveness of each assignment. It’s another tool to help teachers improve instruction.

Essential Conventions Check Mate

 The state and national standards have put a renewed emphasis on formal writing and standard English. The myriad rules that guide our language can be overwhelming for many students. Yet, only a few dozen rules are used  for most writing. Those rules are the focus of Essential Conventions Check Mate™, a student guide to writing conventions which provides clearly explained tips and examples for the most frequently used writing conventions.