How Did You Get That? Seven Strategies for Improving Written Responses in Math (print)

Item: 250-B



The strategies presented in this book can be used to help implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. “Seven Strategies” includes practical, proven techniques developed specifically for math teachers in grades two through ten. The strategies are designed to improve students’ performance in math classrooms and on high-stakes tests.

The seven key strategies are:

1. Use quick writing prompts to draw out background knowledge.

2. Give frequent, quick quizzes.

3. Provide clear criteria for a complete answer.

4. Teach reading strategies for math.

5. Build math vocabulary.

6. Develop great math assignments.

7. Collect and share results with colleagues.

Also Includes:

* Survey of Math Practices

* Seven great, ready-to-use math writing assignments such as: The Klutz Book of Math, Analyze the Data, The Math Riddle, and four more

* Tips and techniques for teaching math vocabulary

* And, much, much more . . .

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