Seven Sentence Building Activities to Develop Advanced Writers (print)

Item: 226-B



Seven Sentence Building Activities to Develop Advanced Writers by Jerry Morris will help students eliminate runs-ons, lifeless sentences and more by teaching them all about the foundation of good writing—the well constructed sentence. Your students will love the Sentence Building activities and templates, and will quickly move on to more sophisticated writing issues. Grades 2-10.

“In his book inspired by Strunk and White’s classic The Elements of Style, Jerry walks teachers and their students through the basics of composing clear and sprightly sentences. The book helps teachers DEMYSTIFY the challenge of building sentences by giving students a place to start and “handholds”, including structure and relevant rules of grammar, for working toward clear and fluent written expression. These are reasons to highly recommend Seven Sentence Building Activities.” ~ Susan Goldsmith PhD, Visiting Scholar, Boston University School of Education

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