Professional Development

Quality teaching is the most important factor affecting student achievement. Collins Education excels at providing impactful professional development! For over three decades, we have delivered engaging workshops and one-on-one or small-group coaching for teachers and administrators—all focused on improving student performance with lasting results.

What Makes Professional Development Stick?

“Consistent”    “Practical”    “Engaging”

“Sustainable”    “Motivating”    “Persistent”   

These words are frequently used by teachers and administrators to describe our professional development. Teachers enthusiastically receive our leading-edge training and continue to use it long after the enthusiasm of a just-completed workshop fades away.

We conduct highly interactive, hands-on professional development, and we model practical, effective strategies that teachers can use in their classes the very next day. In over 10,000 training sessions conducted, our average evaluation score has been 9.2 (out of 10).

We provide training through public workshops as well as custom workshops and consulting for individual districts or schools.

Graduate credit options are also available.